Would I get a new watch

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zucca watch from http://www.hmr.jp/?svid=2

I hvn't bought a new watch since F.3(14yrs old?)
it was from Agnes b and indeed its value is raising(dunno why- -)
I said for many times I want to get a new one but no action was taken- -
and now I m saying again with no action as well
how come I can be so poor~did I eat the banknotes when I slept somedays- -
I dont judge my taste but I hate my lowwwwwww will power and immature mind
time to stop ...saying shit

ahhhh~forgot to say~22nd Happy Birthday to Wong Man Yee!!
I wont give u presents as u didnt give me any~I m serious abt that!:)


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