Stage Power by Helle Mardahl

Sunday, January 24, 2010

With Stage Power, Danish artist Helle Mardahl makes us experience an opulence of material and structure as the technical essence of her art. The exhibition consists of a series of individual works that become a single coherent installation, including paintings, drawings, three- dimensional textile collages, photo-collages, prints, and sculptures. With Stage Power, the artist distances herself from the clichés of fashion while she simultaneously creates her art in the hand-crafted skill of a Haute Couture production.

Helle Mardahl’s graphic and organic signature style combines a multitude of artistic techniques. Her remarkable visual acuity references her background as avant-garde fashion designer and the extraordinary level of details (assisted by seven couturiers) encompasses a complex network of political and socio-critical themes. Her staged photographs melt together drawn, painted, printed and sewn features, blurring our perception of the real and the fake. Iconic items taken of the Danish Royal family as well as internationally recognized icons of power (the eagle, royal blue, fire and diamonds) intertwine with her usual cast of significant personas.


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