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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A whole morning presentation ...sigh tired
I dont like commenting others'work...not because I have no interest on them
I think in the world something is clear that have wrong and right
BUT not for 'ART' ...
every stroke is made for a reason ...and it's not a must for everyone to understand ...
if u feel satisfied with what you've done ...then is enough

BTW ...i want to quoted sth said by Ann Demulmeester ...

"I've rarely noticed anyone in the street wearing my clothes differently from the way I intended.
I respect women, people, too much merely to pass judgement on that.
I always think: if she wears it that way she must have a reason, and then I can usually
understand why. The woman's beauty standards may be quite different from mine; who am I to judge?
If a person's happy with it in their own way, it's OK with me!
The nicest thing is when people come up to me and say: thank you. I'm really happy with it,
it's my 'thing', it's become part of my life. Then I've really added something to that person's life." 


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