James Kaliardos interviewed Freja Beha

Saturday, April 10, 2010

J: ok, I'm recording...
F: Sweet.
J: hi, this is James, and I'm with Freja.
F: Freja, yes...
J: A lot of people mispronounce your name, Freja, which really kinda pisses me off. They say Friza, they say Froza, they say Friche, Freya,...
F: they say Friche,Freya,... whatever
J: But it's Freja.
F: It's Freja.
J: Cool, so...
F: What's this so about?
J: I have a few questions for you, first, V5.
F: V5, whatever is V5?
J: which is, um, starting with, what r u working on right now?
F: what am I working on?
J: ye, abstractly or concretely?
F: not anything, lately, the best coz she know is answer ever.
J: ok, um, what's been inspiring u lately? like I was really inspired by the music u were playing me. we were listening to this really cool danish group, this girl that sounded like...
F: yeah, Kira and Kindred Spirits.
J: she sounded like Janis Joplin, sort of.
F: ye, it does inspire me. but ususally, i secretly sometimes write.
J: oh, what do u write?
F: music, lyrics, and olla, but it's only when i m in the bad mood. it's kinda like when u r happy, which i am right now, i'm not very creative. so i m not creative right now, it's just, i m not really working on anything. now i m just happy, and enjoying life and enjoying all that's going on.

(short break)

J: sorry, we just had a little temporary break.
F: that's cool.
J: so, ok, that's very interesting, because in fact i feel the same way, sometimes when i m the happiest, it's like...
F: not very big, um, flat, please.
J: we r at a restaurant. (lol...) all the flat, too, by the way, still natural water, in the bottle.
F: (lol...) u r taking the place.
J: flat,too. hidden in ur middle for a second.
F: (lol..)
J: coz i write sometimes,too. and i find that when i m really depressed, like feeling awful, it's when the most incredible stuff comes out, like really freely and deep.
J: but like when i feel good, i m like...
F: very emotional. when u feel good, u don't really have that. coz u dont have anything to like... i guess happy feelings r just not as deep as sad feelings, maybe. i thought about that a lot.
J: it's weird, we should be able to... ok, and then one more thing, who r ur heroes? who are your heroes?
F: can i do a song in that? i'll sing a song. (singing...) whatever, I don't have any heroes. i don't, i don't have any, i dont have any heroes, people ask me about that a lot, and i don't, i don't think i have any. i really like women that can express themselves through music. but, that's probably it.
J: that's cool, u r kinda my hero.
F: i m ur hero? (lol)
J: u r my hero. i think u v done a great job. doing ur job, being what u r and standing for what u stand for, and i mean, Freja is kinda known in this business like the tough, know-bullshit girl and i think that's that's really, u know, new in this fashion world. so i mean that's good.
F: is it? um, i don't know that.
J: ok, describe ur look
F: my look, oh, all we go, i v been told that it's been 60s, u know, bangs, long hair, it's brown... I can do big eyes,look, u can't see that.
J: without false eyelashes?
F: exactly.
J: she is doing the big eye look right now. but u can't see it.
F: u r kinda missing it.
J: how do u dress, do u wear a lot of fashion? back home?
F: um, i wear, whatever i find is cute. but i m quite simple. give me a tank top and some jeans and i m very satisfied.
J: do u wear high-heels?
F: high-heels's for working. it causes pain and it uses some muscles from ur legs and that's not nice.
J: u've really great legs.
F: oh, thank u.
J: u r welcome.
F: u've been working on them all day.(lol)
J: i've been working on them all day.(lol) they used up a lot of cream. they r so long.
F: very expensive cream from hollywood.
J: ok, now, a very private personal question. what's ur favorite way to keep warm this winter?
F: oh, that would probably be with my lover, in bed... or maybe in the shower.
J: with hot water, do u take hot showers or cold showers?
F: hot, cold? what the f... what's wrong with u?
J: oh, here we go, we r ready to order.
F: we r not ready to order.
J: how long have you been with ur lover?
F: my lover, a year.
J: a year, that's cool, that's very cool.
F: very happy and very satisfied, so what more do u wish for?
J: u don't live in America, right?
F: i live in Denmark.
J: so r u like the danish prince?
F: (surprised)what?
J: r u like the danish prince? i used to think of Hamlet when i see you.
F: hamlet? no, i dont think i look very much like the danish prince.
J: a princess?
F: not that either, although she is very pretty.
J: ok, if we go back in time, do u look danish? do u look danish?
F: I don't think i do, not really, no, no, I always surprise people when i tell them that i am danish. they expect something more. i v purposely, u know, i dont think i like brazilian. they r all like shapes and all that...
J: u r very straight, i mean ur body.
F: (lol..) i m very very straight-forward.
J: well, i just wanted u to know that V love u.
F: V love u? (lol...)
J: V love u and thanks for doing this little interview.
F: u r very welcome.
J: i hope to see u on the pages of V very soon.
F: i hope i will. I like V, V is the best magazine ever. go buy it, go buy it. go buy it.
J: all right, from our golden girl, Freja, the rebel...
F: how did i become the rebel? who, who made up that?
J: coz u r the rebel.
F: i m not. i m always on time, i m nice, i m polite...
J: u stand for the rebel, u r, u r very bing.
F: ok, ok, cool.
J: it's good, u didn't create it, it's true and real, we created it. no, u..
F: u created it by writing, u know?
J: yeah, but it's an observation, it's not a fake thing. all right, well, love to love u baby, talk to u soon, be checking in again.
F: seashells?
J: we v gotta order now, bye, signing off... thank u.
F: (singing) love to love u, babe... love to love u, babe...

Freja was interviewed by James Kaliardos for V magazine
actually it was already long time ago ...maybe 2006 ...
I listen to it for many times ...I love her natural voice ...and she has adorable tone of speaking ...


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