Interview with Freja by Spur magazine

Monday, March 01, 2010
Freja, Real face of mannish model,

Long and elastic arms and legs, non-wobbling look, and cool movement with no limit.
Anyone becomes charmed with Freja when one has a chance to see usual look of her. , Especially “anyone” is female, she does much more (charmed).
She is model who is representative of (middle to end of) 2000, but in resent Freja becomes much brighter than ever with androgynous-appeal as her weapon.
Though she is mannish model who does not want to talk about herself, this time she kindly shows true face of her only for SPUR.

“Rebel boy” that becomes brighter more in 10th time of (runaway) season for her.
With coming of year of 2010, there is a new movement even in model-world. It is a concept there is a need of model one has absolutely presence if fashion survives with legitimate aspect in future. She has a power that remains her existence to us even after show was over, or turning pages of printed material of fashion. And though she does it with a bit but step by step, the model who gets raw power like that is 22 year of Danish, Freja Beha Erichsen.
Radiant skin, brown and bright eyes that is same color of her hair, flexible arms and legs that reminds boy, to see real face of her that came to here for photo session, we are surprised with her flesh aura, with fact that she never show tired look even after long carrier is passed. And at the same time, her specific listless presence makes us to see “eternal delinquent” in her who smokes behind school building with hidden
The model is Freja who was brightest in 2010 SS runaway season. Her debut was 2005-2006 AW season. Soon she became popular and was chosen model of campaign for Balenciaga and Jil Sander. But at the same time she was disgraced, she had a experience that one famous photographer ordered her to go back whole his photo session. He explained he could not he cannot accept her when he saw her through his lens of camera, but in the end of 2009, that is 5 years passed at that time, that photographer did a large scale photo session with appointing her again as his model. There is another episode that shows current position of Freja, it is scene of “Badinage on the hay” that she did with Lara Stone and Baptiste that they did Chanel Paris collection.
It is just a fun with everybody; we never imagined it causes argument.” Freja mentions with cool attitude.

“Though I am not a girlish, I am more than that.”
The reason that I started model of campaign for Chanel, I think it was a time that Emmanuelle Alt attended that campaign work as a fashion editor. She introduced me to Karl Lagerfeld. The work with Karl is always great. He is nothing but genius of creativity, I really owe to him as he continues using me for his work.
So what does she think for the fact that she is called representative of androgynous model?
“Well I don’t wear frilly skirt and high heel. But I am more than that. I have various faces and I think important point of good model is one can show different aspects according to situation, and one has to have many different aspects.”
She is a model with high professional consciousness. She analyzes meaning of model work is following,
Developing oneself and growing one’s eye through continuing work of model. To see in the long term, what this (fashion) business brings her with? If one can realize these matters with her brain, she can focus a point of that work with naturally. I have to team up with various people thorough these works, and I can get how to live through the experience to travel around for myself. These are skills that I cannot get if I went to school (like ordinarily girl). Depending on these points, I can mention model’s work is wonderful.”
In these 5 years, various model comes and go (away), but model like Freja is rare that becomes brighter and brighter through years.
“I think using one’s brain well is key of this fashion work. I started my carrier when I was seventeen so now I am 22, and my spirit of independence are annealed sufficiently with these period, And through this 5 years, my professional model life is under good working conditions. I am lucky, because among model friends that started their carrier 5 years before like me, no one but Sasha that I can still see.”

“Hey, don’t you want to become a fashion model?”
Being called like that was a start-up everything.
“One year later, I was sent to Milan for exclusive contract with MiuMiu and Prada. But every time there is music of Metallica in my head. At that time I had not a bit interest with fashion, of course that of cloth too, and people related this business.”
She was much inspired with her elder brother for her hobby and how to wear something. In addition, her family is consisted from mother and father-in-law. Their bond is deep and strong.
“On last year’s Christmas time, we gathered my home that is at financial district in down town, and we enjoyed happy family life in New York, it is first time for us. Night was silent and we could keep our privacy, and there was no need what I wear for going out (with laughing). I really like my current home.”
With non fluency, she speaks English, not that of American but that of UK person. She does not look arrogance of jet-setter, but she also does not seem “burnout syndrome” that may came from too much work. She knows well how to take a balance between work and relaxation.
“I am much take care of my ordinary life. As there is too many travel for my work, shopping at food shop, washing, walking around a park, spending normal life like this is important time for me.”
She has a consciousness of her fate that she is a existence that spin and produce beauty, but she is not captured by it, nor falling into a life of dissolution, she enjoys her life with smoothly. In fact at this photo session, she became a object with natural way, rather than showing her special beauty with proudly. It reminds us a cat that gives a stretch under a suntrap.
“In every morning when I wake up, I feel what matter will today bring me with. As I am not a type who does not make ready for my future with too logic, I just depend on myself with direction that I have to go, with enjoying every moment. There is only one thing that I believe, going forward undaunted to matter that makes me happy in real meaning.”

Freja’s fashion mantra
SPUR: What you wear when you go out at night?
Freja: ”Even old time or now, I don’t change my what I wear in daytime or nighttime. Even at night, I go out with same wearing that I wear in daytime. In every time skinny jeans and well-fitted black leather jacket is crucial for me to do. I don’t wear high heel, because it is not me.”
SPUR: It means, you already create your style before becoming model?
Freja: “Yes, because I was a club-girl. Though I didn’t drinking, I frequency went to club, with that experience I naturally got a skill how to dressing well. Also, it is influence from my elder brother. I was always with him and he is crazy fan of Metallica, and I became mature with absorbing lyrics of Metallica.”
SPUR: What you express your dressing as?
Freja: “Comfort, boyish,[FONT='&#65325]・・・[/font]then rock’n roll and too much punkish. Color is anything but black. I wear leather (jacket) and jeans with arrangement a bit classic style. And I never chase a trend.”
SPUR: What is your standard style?
Freja: “In every time I mix jewelry that is very private. These are not one that is too high price, but is one that has too much memory.”
SPUR: Please give advice to SPUR reader for her styling,
Freja: “Developing one's own individuality. Choosing cloth that make you comfort and happy. Please don’t care what other people mention.”
SPUR: BTW, do you use any perfume?
Freja: “Chanel No.5. Because it is fragrance that never failed, isn’t it?”
SPUR: What make up you do when you are off time?
Freja: “I don’t do a make up without working(laughing). For skin care I use cleansing (cream?) and moisturizing product. For moisturizing, I use CREALINE that I can easily buy at medical shop in France.”
SPUR: Is there any fashion style that you cannot accept?
Freja: “I cannot accept person that wears socks with sandals. In the summer, I frequency see Danish tourist doing like that[FONT='&#65325]・・・・[/font]But I cannot allow it(laughing).”
SPUR: Please tell us your favorite item,
Freja: “Leather (Motor?) biker Jacket that I wear even in this time photo session. I like this one most among one’s I bought ever. This is simple and that is good. And it fits well with any other material.”
SPUR: Who is your favorite designer?
Freja: “Balenciaga, Rick Owens, and Helmut Lang. These three are really my favorites. Also, I like Alexander Wang, his work is great.”
SPUR: Which shop that is your favorite?
Freja: “I like Brunner, that stands between Spring and Martha in SOHO, NY. I like everything that is in that shop.”
SPUR: What style you wear with that make you feel comfort most?
Freja: “To say honest, I feel like when I wear nothing. Well I am Danish(laughing). Is it any problem being naked?”
SPUR: Which wear you will buy on next time?
Freja: “Alexander Wang’s bag, “Blenda”. It is very myself.”
SPUR: What will you spend much money, if you give yourself as in appreciation?
Freja: “Well I will buy something that is interior. As my current home is loft with empty, I want to choose chandlery and furniture with good quality. I really like sheet with excellent quality. So I want to buy sheet of FRETTE, PORTHAULT, or PLARECI.”
教我如何不愛她 太有性格了吧


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